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Resort in Alappuzha , alleppey hotels - Kondailip

April 12, 2016 35 Kingson

Resort in Alappuzha , Alleppey hotels

Kondailip is one of the best resort in alappuzha , Idyllic, serene and sumptuous nature’s bounty, a million shades of green nourished by providence and the network of emerald canals that wind through the land. Drink elixir from the palm groves, the air comes alive with birdsong and fabulous birds take flight at the break of dawn. Discreetly set amidst palms, tropical plants and cropped grass: traditional cottages built in the vernacular style once popular in Kerala. Surrounded on three sides by a matrix of waterways, step lightly, sit back, luxuriate in the beauty that surrounds you, soak in the silence, you are a heartbeat away from paradise. When you looking for a best resort in alappuzha Kondailip is the best choice for you.

Kondai Lip is owned and managed by a traditional family from the area who have lived here for generations and possess an intimate knowledge of the geography and culture of the area. The resort is the realization of their collective vision in providing a tradition based nature getaway resort.Because of that they branded as the best resort near kochi

Kondailip one of the best Resorts in Alleppey - Birds: - Hundreds of birds species spend the winter on Changaram and Neendakara wetlands in Ezhupunna – one of the top hotspots in Kerala – so far around 170 species have been spotted at Changaram wetland park Including Pelicans, Duck, Bee-eaters, Spoonbills, Ibis and many varieties of shorebirds Butterflies: Over 90 species of butterflies have been spotted in the backwater region around Alleppey. Many of the beautiful specimens can be seen fluttering or perched atop the flowers on the isle. Species found on Kondai Lip: Grass Yellow, Chocolate Pansy, Glassy Blue tiger, Picture Wing, Common Mormon, Common Crow.

Best resorts in alappuzha - Ayurveda is an ancient system of holistic health care that is native to the Indian sub continent and used by millions. The word Ayurveda roughly translates as science of life with the word ‘Ayu’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge or science. According to its philosophy our existence is an interaction of five elements Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are combinations and permutations of these five elements that manifest as patterns present in all creation and that it is the imbalance of any of any one of these elements that is the cause of all human ailments.

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